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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 1, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. we start tonight with a developing story. shovel by shovel emergency crews work desperately to free a man stuck in trench in brentwood and a short time ago, success. he was pulled out and put on a
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stretcher and taken to the hospital. alan wang is live with the latest on this. they worked on him for quite some time. >> reporter: wow, dan, the entire neighborhood came out here to watch tonight. if you look behind me that is the scene where all happened. for three hours crews worked to dig out a man buried up to his shoulders in dirt. all the while, monitoring vital signs closely because of the weight of the earth compressing his body. firefighters say the 50-year-old man was working on a friend's sewer line. he had dug a trench ten feet deep. it was 12 feet long and 30 inches wide but it doesn't appear that he had any shoring device to secure the trench walls. around 5:30 this evening the walls of that trench came crashing in around him and he was buried up to his shoulders. firefighters were worried about him because of the weight of the dirt and they had to monitor his body temperature, his core body temperature because they were worried that he was going to become
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hypothermic. rescue workers had to use hand tools and buckets to dig him out carefully and around 8:30 they finally pulled h him out to a cheering crowd of neighbors. he was taken away, driven to a nearby middle school where he was flown to the hospital in walnut creek. a well thought out rescue effort here. they couldn't use heavy machinery or equipment because that would have posed a very serious threat digging right next to the man. so it was a very tedious job. he is very lucky that his head was sticking out when all of that dirt came crashing in around him because the trench was 10 feet deep and his head was below the level of the ground. dan? >> thank goodness he was able to be saved shovel by shovel as you said and he was quite fortunate he was able to breathe. thanks very much. we want to take you live to sky
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7 hd flying above the john muir medical center where this man who was buried today alive has just landed at the medical center in walnut creek. you shortly will be able to see him being taken and placed on a stretcher to be taken inside the trauma center there. these are live pictures of our helicopter staring at the life flight helicopter that rushed this man to medical treatment in walnut creek. after being buried for quite some time in a trench in brentwood he has been saved and is being treated tonight. well, a different outcome and a different situation. osha says the builder of the home where a hayward carpenter died under a wall of mud after a collapse did not have a permit to dig a deep trench. raul zapada died in milpedas
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last saturday. moving on facebook today ended months of speculation. it filed papers for what is expected to be the largest initial public offering of stock ever to come out of silicon valley and one much the largest in fact in u.s. history. last year the revenue was nearly $4 billion, up 88%. the company made $1 billion in profit during that time. more tonight on this ipo from abc 7's business and technology reporter david louie. >> reporter: for a company that started in a dorm room, facebook has hit the big time in just 8 years. the $5 billion initial public covering dwarfs the $1.6 billion raised by goinged in 2004. the money can go to expanding services, hiring more employees or buying smaller tech startups. it will make founder mark zuckerberg a billionaire.
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>> he has to answer to a wider audience in a sense and so i notice he did switch off the hoodie for a tie when met with president obama. so when ends up at some point in testimony before congress or for some antitrust issue or some other concern of the business it will be an interesting test to see whether he is ready for that. >> reporter: however, he dresses, zuckerberg laid out an ambitious future for facebook and its 845 million users. in the championship'company's d the scale of the technology and infrastructure that must be built is unprecedented. we hope to strengthen how people relate to each other and connect to businesses and the economy. we hope to change how people relate to their governments and social institutions. with facebook's global reach and high visibility the company will have to tackle authority issues head on. scott sellers is a valley startup veteran who has already been through an ipo. >> tricky issues that they haven't been faced to confront in a more direct manner.
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privacy issues a major issue for them and the occasional oops we grew too fast and messed up. they will be held to a different standard now as a public company. >> reporter: going public will change how facebook operates. an ipo opens the books meaning financial records public including ceo ecktive pay. and facebook will have to answer to its shard holders hold an annual meeting and be subject to federal reporting requirements. facebook has not said whether it will trade on the nyse or nasdaq exchange. trading won't happen for three months while it goes through the regulatory process. across the street from facebook head quarters in menlo park, david louie,. state lawmakers are eyeing the stock offering as a potential winfall for the cash
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strapped treasury. some say the extra revenue should go to help public schools. the state stands to reap hundreds of thousands of dollars from the ipo. realtors in silicon valley are licking their chops. they anticipate big sales with instant millionaires the ipo will create. that story from don sanchez. >> i just started a brand new company and we are looking to hire people for the facebook boom. >> he is taking advantage of a languishing housing market which could be making a rip roaring comeback. >> looking to hire 50 agents for the spring selling season coming up and hopefully have 300 agents before they go ipo. >> they are here for a workshop on the few facebook market and the face of technology. they think the new buyers will proceed slowly. ely there.t think they will they will have the money ready and a lot of the clientele who work for facebook will do the majority of their research
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first. >> i think the upcoming millionaires from facebook which we have a lot of friends that work with facebook, already started those conversations about purchasing a home. >> reporter: homes and, of course, the pricey sports car. carlson porsche felt sales surge with google millionaires. they think they will soon be seeing facebook drivers here. >> you do get a nice little wave that comes through and it definitely helps. >> reporter: but the new you millionaires have to be smart with their money. >> making sure that they put, we get a first slug out to take care of all of the needs, get the house but after that, yes, there is always a slush fund that comes. >> a reality, too. he has early facebook employees who have left california because of taxes, a big concern for the state. and one more thing. the new youly minted millionaires may develop a philanthropic path. it is good business and mark
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zuckerberg served as a role model. he has given $100 million to new jersey schools. oakland's police and fire departments have new leaders tonight. teresa reed is now the first african american fire chief in a metropolitan city anywhere in the country. she has a good understanding of oakland, livingth for 22 years. she says it will not be business as usual for oakland's fire department. >> change some of the maybe the mindsets of this is how we always did it because change is coming and we are going to have to look at how we are going be able to evolve with that. >> interim police chief howard jordan is now the permanent head of a department battling budget cuts, layoffs and protesters. >> there is no time than the current time for to us demonstrate we are capable of policing the city in the manner which the citizens expect us to police 2. >> he twice served as interim chief and with the department more than 24 years.
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one of the challenges he is facing, occupy oakland protesters are trying to justify their behavior as new you surveillance video of the vandalism is made public. as nick smith reports, occupiers are suddenly now on the defensive. >> reporter: this is video from saturday night taken by a city hall security camera. police describe what they say is the use of a pry tool to break locks and gain entry to the building. protesters enter immediately after and grab the u.s. flag on its flagpole. they exit the building and shortly after that protesters set the american flag on fire. >> protesters enter and then shortly after that destructive behavior begins. >> reporter: the police describe the saturday evening clash with demonstrators as a street battle. activists attempting to occupy this abandoned building they say to establish it as a headquarters and community center but police locked the would-be occupiers. in the end, several del monitor straighters and police officers
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injured. protesters accusing officers denying their free speech which the officers deny. >> they don't support people breaking the law. >> i want to believe that underneath the ridiculous war suits you are human. >> reporter: today, some of the demonstrators held a press conference to defend actions over the weekend and condemn what they describe and violent and unwarranted actions by oakland police officers. >> these monsters with the ryeat gear don't even look human and they have this look in their eyes. who cares if the windows are broken, you know, people are what is important. >> sometimes those guys even scare me. >> reporter: that has this store owr concerned about the movement, their tactic and what it means for his small business. >> as for a small business myself it definitely affects me because people can't get down here. they don't want to come down here. they are scared to come down here. >> reporter: the chief says he is fully committed to investigating any reports of abuse by officers.
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two, we have provided a link to the security camera video on the website. police are offering a reward for the eye rest and identification of those scene breaking into city hall. and three, we have been following social media all day and we know that protesters are planning a general assembly meeting for later tonight and a day of action on monday. in oakland, nick smith, abc 7 news. much more to get to on this first day of february including stunning new clues about the spread of alzheimer's. plus, a major recall of birth control pills. more kids sickened in what may be the biggest stomach flu outbreak san francisco officials have seen. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. go ahead, watch your cars tomorrow. it is dry. i will let you know how long the dry pattern is going to stick around coming up in the forecast. dan? >> thanks very much. also coming up the risk and radiation from a leak at the sanofree nuclelele
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talk. officials say the leak is small and there is no safety risk but history shows that sometimes the story changes when it comes to nuclear plants. 7 million people live within 50 miles of san onofre.
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>> reporter: officials say the radiation leak likely occurred in the steam generator tubes of reactor number three. >> no danger to the public or the workers. >> reporter: did any radiation leak out? >> if there was any at all it would have been so minor. >> reporter: the steam system which is supposed to be shielded from any exposure to radiation was replaced in december of 21s 2010. the question is why did the parts fail now? >> could be a mechanical issue due to new equipment. >> reporter: san onofre is one of dozens of reactors facing scrutiny after japan's nuclear crisis. right on the coast in the heart of america's earthquake country. just next door to the navy west coast hub, camp pendleton. we came here the day the
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fukushima plant melted down. >> is this plant safe? >> absolutely it is safe. >> reporter: after japan the nuclear regulatory commission update its seismic modelle and in a report issued yesterday found that 96 reactors in the central and southern u.s. are in regions at higher risk of a quake than previously thought, major metropolitan area are uncomfortable by close to major nuke power plants. indian point just outside new york city, 20 million people live in a 50-mile radius. dresden just 50 miles from the heavily populated suburbs of chicago. >> we can't wait for the nrc or the government. >> meteorologist sand sandhya l for spencer christian tonight. a little rain today. not enough to make any real difference at all. >> we had less than a tenth inch here in the bay area. came and went quickly and now
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we are left with dry conditions. >> not even enough to clean my car. >> you have to wash your car, physically wash your car. mother nature is not doing it again tomorrow. just a little splash and dash kind of event. no rain in sight until early next week again, dan. show you a live picture right now. the view from the high definition emeryville camera as we look across the bay there. visibility is actually good across the entire bay area except half moon bay where they do have fog and visibility has dropped to about three miles. so, in the morning, you will be dealing with some area of fog. temperatures right now, in the 40s and the 50s. and we do have some high clouds going through. partly cloudy tonight. patches of fog. look for sunny and mild weather tomorrow. and our dry pattern will last right through the weekend. it is actually just going to get milder and milder in the afternoons as we hit the weekend. fog first thick in the morning in patches. not really a widespread event. but all of the low level moisture in the wake of the system that came through. we will see fog developing. we are already seeing it.
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367 santa rosa by morning. down to 42 richmond. 44 oakland. you can see here low 40s around half moon bay, palo alto, san jose. a little more of a chill in the air tonight as we don't have thick clouds to insuranc insul. first thing tomorrow morning sunrise at 7:14, will the groundhog see his shadow. most areas he will in the bay area so that could mean six more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow but winter hasn't brought us much rain or snow in the sierra. the weak front went through. a couple of inches of know in the high country. a little bit of rain here. the ridge is rebuilding. you can see the high pressure rebuilding by the jetstream aimed well up into canada. we remain dry, at least right through the week. higher pressure shifting inland. the nice northeasterly wind flow and that clears out the skies. it will be sunny for your thursday. we will repeat it again on
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friday and temperatures start to inch up as we head into saturday and sunday. by sunday, close to 70 degrees. not quite there tomorrow. but it is going to be nice. 64 in the south bay. in san jose, sunnyvale, santa clara. on the puniness that low to mid 60s los altos. 58 pacifica and expecting clear skies in the afternoon for downtown san francisco. 61 degrees. daily city 58. getting up to 67 in places like santa rosa, ukiah. east bay communities, oakland 64. 63 fremont. inland areas a little higher than where you should be for this time of year. 64 livermore. 62 degrees monterey. 60 carmel. milder tomorrow and really continues to warm up heading into the weekend. sunday will feature the warmest weather of the week, near 70 degrees. dan, a chance of rain returning by monday night into tuesday morning. that also does not look like a
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big storm at this point. >> not much, huh. >> february is usually really very wet. unusual for us to see it so dry for so long. >> this pattern has persisted for weeks. >> it has. thank god we had a lot more rain and snow last year because if we didn't we would be in big trouble. >> thanks very much. still to come, first salt, then fat. tonight the fight against sugar. plus -- ♪ and you can bet your last money ♪ i'm don cornelius. in parting we wish you love and peace. >> and remembering the baritone who called people to the train who called people to the train line for more than 30
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researchers say a purr
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surprising mao finding apes a question on how alzheimer's disease spreads. two studies in mice shows is seems to spread like an infection from brain cell to brain cell. what is being spread is a distorted protein. the new studies indicate it may be possible to bring alzheimer's disease to an abrupt halt early on by preventing cell to cell transmission perhapses with an antibody. other medical news tonight. drugmaker fizer is recalling one million packets of birth control pills after learning they may not contain drugs to prevent pregnancy. certain lots of generic 28 with expiration dates between july 21, 2013 and march 31, 2014. some packs had too little active tablets while others had too few. the package problem has been
9:26 pm
corrected. specific recall it information is on the website at unde tv. some had too many and some had too few active tablets. that is the problem. new research suggests a good workout may help men diagnosed with prostate cancer win the battle against that disease. scientists isolated the genes in the prostate gland that respond to vigorous exercise by studying with activates them researches hope to develop an exercise regiment that can help save patients lives. 217,000 men a year are diagnosed with prostate cancer. 32,000 die from the disease every year. scientists at uc san francisco say that sugar is so dangerous to our health that the government should tax it and regulate it just like alcohol and tobacco. >> everybody says obesity is you eat too much you exercise too little. it is your fault. you know what? i take care of obese six month olds. and it ain't their fault. in fact, a lot of this has
9:27 pm
been -- >> professors robert lustig, and laura schmidt go so far as setting an age requirement to buy soda is necessary. they say sugar causes damage to the liver that mihmics the effects of drinking too much alcohol. sweetened food leads to 35 million deaths worldwide from heart disease, diabetes and cancer. when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight. there is word of a big endorsement in the republican race for president. we that for you. plus, a new follow-up to the san bruno gas explosion. should you pay for the costs to upgrade pg&e's pipelines. plus -- ♪ >> a look back at the creator of one of the longest running shows on television. and what is new in the and what is new in the battle of the super bowl
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good evening. a couple of passings to note. legendary boxing trainer angelo dundee has died. perhaps best known for training muhammad ali. he traveled all over the world with him and was in his corner for all but two of h his fights. he also worked with sugar ray leonard, george foreman. he was 90 years old. and he gave us the sounds of the '70s. don cornelius died today from it a self-inflicted gunshot. the show business icon will be best remembered for his ground breaking show "soul train," of course. that was one of the longest running syndicated television shows in the history of
9:32 pm
television. one viewer says he learned from cornelius that bell bottoms could never be too wide and platforms never too tall. more from diana alvear. ♪ >> one of the baddest things around. >> reporter: don cornelius was the coolest of the cool, revolutionizing the world of music and television when classic soul train line dance at a time. for a man who introduced so much joy his life came to a tragic end. the 75-year-old died wednesday from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. a journalist by trade he was concern the african american culture was virtually ignored by the mainstream media so he set out to change that. ♪ soul train >> reporter: soul train barreled on to the scene in 1970, bringing with it singing, dancing and so much more. it was a funky social barometer
9:33 pm
breaking barriers for black artists. >> gladys knight helped do the first show for syndication. we didn't know we were going to make it until stevie wonder walkle in the door. >> and diana ross and michael jackson and even l.l. cool j. the conductor on the hippest train in america for more than two decades, cornelius family years touched by -- later years touched by family troubles and declining health. >> i'm don cornelius. as always in parting we wish you love and peace and soul. >> friends say they knew that cornelius struggled with his health for years but are devastated to learn of his demise. a major announcement tonight about american troops in afghanistan.
9:34 pm
defense secondary leon panetta says the united states will pull soldiers out of the battle fields by the end of next year and not the end of 2014 as previously thought. some troops will remain through 2014 but only in a support role. at least 74 people dead and more than 1,000 injured in egypt today over a soccer game. fights and a stampede broke out after the home team got upset at egypts if top club. police officers stood by and did nothing. the majority of the deaths caused by concussions, cuts to the head and suffocation from the stampede. it is the deadliest incident of violence in a soccer match worldwide in 16 years. a san francisco private school will be closed through sunday because of an outbreak of gastroenteritis. 30% of the student body, 325
9:35 pm
students and 30 teachers have fallen ill at saint ignacius college prep. crews worked through the night and into the day cleaning the campus, sanitizing surfaces and scrubbing everything with an epa approved bleach. >> it only takes a few part kls to get infected and when it gets into the environment it lasts in the environment a long period of time and could be there for days. >> health officials ruled out the kitchen and water supply as the source of the virus. gastroenteritis is spread when people don't wash their hands properly when using the bathroom. once one person has it it is infectious and can spread quickly. most agree that pg&e's pipeline knees upgrading but there -- needs upgrading but there is little agreement on who should pay for all of that. >> the deadly 2010 san bruno
9:36 pm
pipeline disaster revealed a long list of safety failures at pg&e and resulted in a host of new regulations but who will pay for them. >> they need to ask why a single penny of pg&e's proposed costs for pipeline replacement, pipeline testing and record keeping should be recovered from rate payers. >> reporter: today, consumer advocates and san mateo assemblyman jerry hill angrily opposed the proposal. 90% of the plan covered by rate increases over 50 years with an average increase of $1.85 a month for residential customers for the first two years. hill says pg&e's proposal fails to mention another $3 billion in debt interest and share holder profit. >> the largest portion of the plan is in fact share holder profit which means that pg&e could in fact profit from the devastating events in san brew you know. >> this is a consistent
9:37 pm
practice that california utilities have been using, you know he, for a long time. it is california utilities are allowed to earn a regulated rate of return on capital projects they invest in. >> reporter: and pg&e says it is only asking customers to fay for future improvements. many mistakes were made in the past. the share holders are covering that work. we are only asking to cover in rates the work required to meet new regulations and safety laws. >> san bruno's mayor said his city is deeply concerned about the decision ahead. >> we want the cpuc to know that san bruno and the citizens are watching closely. >> the cpuc declined comment today. a decision is still months away. in san francisco, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. a lot nor come here tonight. help with your house payment. up next, the president's plan for underwater homeowners that may not make it through congress. we will explain why.
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pulling out all of the
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to presidential politics. major endorsement in the republican race for president. according to the "new york times" donald trump will give his support to newt gingrich tomorrow. gingrich is running second in the race behind mitt romney. president obama today announced a new proposal to help struggling home owners. he wants to make it easier to refinance mortgages even for people who owe more than the homes than they are worth. that comes as the u.s. census bureau reports that only 66% of americans now own homes. the lowest level since 1998. mark matthews tonight with the president's plan to help home
9:42 pm
owners and what he needs to make it happen. >> reporter: in falls church virginia, president obama promised relief to home owners unable to take advantage of lower interest rates. >> we need to do everything in our power to repair the damage and make responsible families whole again. >> reporter: the president's plan provide refinancing for nongse borrowers even if they owe more than the homes worth. streamline refinancing for all borrowers and give home owners a chance to rebuild the equity in the homes by allowing them to choose between lower monthly payments for paying down the principal. john boehner dismissed the idea. >> none of the plans have worked. >> it won't work unless the president can pay for it. he needs to 5 to $10 billion which he hopes to get from the nation's biggest banks in the form of something called a financial crisis responsibility fee. when the president tried to get
9:43 pm
that fee two years ago, he couldn't. and back then, democrats controlled the house and the senate. >> the fee really isn't the central focus. the central focus is the proposal to allow responsible borrowers the opportunity to refinance. >> reporter: the deputy director of the economic council didn't want to talk about the banking fee but without it the plan is dead on arrival says abc 7's political analyst. >> frankly people in washington believe that not much of the president's agenda is actually going get through this congress during an election year. >> reporter: professor cain says what we saw in falls church virginia had more to do with election year politics than refinancing mortgages. >> whey think both parties will do is key up bills that make points important to them electorally and expect the other party to vote no and then use it in a 30 second ad. is probably the name of the cane we are playing right now.
9:44 pm
>> reporter: expect to see 30 second attack ads going after republicans for refusing to protect home owners and protecting big ads and the republicans will likely have ads against the president for refusing the pipeline in theu
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9:47 pm
the idea that highways could one day charge electric cars as they drive down the road is actually becoming closer to reality. a stanford university research
9:48 pm
team designed a high efficiency charging system. it uses magnetic fields to wirelessly transmit large electric currents between metal coils placed several feet apart as you can see in the diagram. the long-term goal is to develop an all electric highway system that wirelessly charges cars. you could potentially drive for an unlimited amount of time and distance without strong recharge. would be something. update the forecast. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> looking good for tomorrow if you like sunny weather. temperatures in the mid 60s range. warmer today than on the peninsula in palo alto. 65 degrees concord, fairfield, napa, santa rosa the effects of downsloping wind will mean close to 70 degrees for february 2. 61 san francisco. 60 degrees in half moon bay and we will keep it sunny and dry
9:49 pm
through the weekend. not out of choice but because we can't find any storms. chance of rain coming in again monday night into tuesday morning. until then, mild, sunny and dry. that is our next possibility of seeing rain is early next week, dan. >> boy, we need it badly. >> we do. >> thanks very much. >> it happens every year at this time. the buildup to the ads that will run during the super bowl. a lot of people watch for the ads, not even the game. david wright with the tried and true but also the new. >> when pitching your product to the biggest tv audience of all time you tend to go with what works. >> i will give you lots of dogs. >> we have a late entry. mr. quigley. >> lots of kids. >> this is the reinvented baby. >> i'm watching you watching him. >> lots of celebrities. >> will arnette, tv star. >> super bowl ads cost $116,000 per second. >> hay, baby, i want that car. >> so advertisers want the biggest bang for the buck.
9:50 pm
>> they put chimpanzees in the ads. i mean it is kind of a no brainer. >> reporter: if it were that easy, advertisers odd haven't to hire don drape. sex sells. >> says who? just who you know the people who talk that way think that monkeys can do that. >> reporter: which is not to say sex doesn't sell from everything from dorito's to dot.coms. >> who won't notice a hot model in body paint. >> they he sold so much victoria secret underwear in past years, this year hawking flowers. thereth is also david beckham. i don't know if the average super bowl viewer is a big david beckham fan. the diagrams don't overlap much. >> reporter: but female viewers knee eye candy. in addition to the beer ads, a
9:51 pm
yogurt spot that ends in a head butt. >> targeted more towards the growing female audience than they have before. >> david witt, abc news, los angeles. >> that hurts. we'll she comes on sunday. larry beil here with all of the sports. >> i love watching for the ads, not the game? >> blasphemy, dan. speaking of the super bowl, the san mateo product you will see on sunday who is not named tom brady and will be lining up all over the field for the new england patriots in super bowl xlvi. sports is nextxtxtxtxtxt (speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world
9:52 pm
and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause)
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>> brian: coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, we will return you to brentwood where that man was pulled alive from a trench tonight. we'll have the latest on what happened and the exhaustive rescue effort to pull him out from the dirt. and saving a piece of history. family and friends may have just rescued san francisco's famous gold dust lounge. those stories and more coming up in one hour on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
9:55 pm
hope you can join us for that. larry here is with all of the sports and a big day for college bound football players. >> you know how the nfl draft a few years ainto a gigantic thing and now the same thing on the college level. national signing day turned into a huge televised event for kids and their colleges. stanford has an incoming class that ranks in the top 20 in the country by most services. the sexiest name joining barry sanders the son of the detroit lions hall of famer. the prospect of a stanford education and being able to blend in on the stanford campus without all kinds of attention was key for sanders. he would have been in the spot light 24/7 if he had gone to oklahoma state and they really wanted him. this class has a father knows best kind of feel. former cardinal lineman bob whitfield has a son name ad cody going to stanford. then the son of former raider
9:56 pm
lineman todd pete. andres pete announced his decision today live on ab abc . >> i was impressed by the coaching staff, coach shaw and coach bloomgren and i felt comfortable on campus and it is a great opportunity to reach my fullest potential. >> what about cal? they have had issues at quarterback for years. those problems may be solved with the signing of san ramon valley high star zac klein. as you watch the video of klein, my daughter goes to monta vista.o this guy zac klein killed utah state. he is committed to the bares as a junior and already enrolled in classes in berkeley. cal, would have had a top five national class but lost the top recruiter and a bunch of recruits who followed him.
9:57 pm
a strong but not a spectacular class. linebacker hardy nickerson, jr. fellow linebacker michael barton. bryce tregs gives the bears a top 20 class. under the super bowl, most people know that tom brady grew up in the bay area. another patriots player you will see in the super bowl is jullian ettelman from the college of san mateo. spent one year there and went to kent state. the patriots use him everywhere. wide receiver. defensive back. special teams. a unique combination of speed, strength and smarts. and he is happy to be on the field at all times. >> particularly the coaches one day i'm eating and they say you will be in defensive meetings and that is how it went. and not going to say no to an opportunity. especially around here. >> a little feisty as you can see there. the sharks had special guest today at practice as milwaukee
9:58 pm
brewers outfielder niger morgan threw son some skates mike shumann was there and says morgan has skills. >> reporter: don't let morgan fool you. he was born in san francisco and was a huge shark fan growing up in san jose. he left town at 16 for regina canada to play junior hockey and was a little kid today practicing with the sharks. >> to be out there to skate with my childhood team and be out there with the boys is an unbelievable feeling. >> niger or his alter ego tony flush impressed the men in teel. >> scored on a breakaway. he has skill out there. >> coach mcclellan was asked if he would be a good fit for the team. >> i have seen his passion and energy when gets out on the ballfield and if that converts into anything on the ice we absolutely will.
9:59 pm
i do know one thing he wouldn't be going in the shootout. >> a lot of professional athletes could have gone pro in other sports and i think niger fits into the category. >> one of the things where i had to realize which is going to work out and eventually i had to go to school so i went to school and ended up going to play baseball. >> htony plush would actually e a great hockey name. in san jose, mike shumann, abc 7 sports yes. >> is pretty good. >> i'm thinking about turning this to plush sports. already taken. it is a good name. definitely will bring it. ha v. to be able to back it. >> i have to have the skills to pay the bills. >> that's right. >> that is our report. stay with us. we'll see you again in one hour over on abc 7 news at 11:00. for larry


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